Binance is a leading finance exchange market which included different features such as high performance, safety and stability, all devices covered, multiple language support, multiple-coin support, and high liquidity. It has been provided multi-tier & multi-cluster system architecture for safety and stability. The organization having a capable of handling or processing 1,40,000 orders per second.

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Binance is the leading exchange organization for trading cryptocurrencies. It has become so eminent globally owing to some of the factors like simple user interface, availability in multiple languages, and enables processing the orders at an extremely high speed. It is available only for trading cryptocurrencies but it is not available for FIAT wired accounts.It also supports multiple languages such as Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean.

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Predominantly, Binance Labs is a blockchain technology incubator and focus on pre-ICO projects and teams. Through this labs, it has a startup helping other startups, entrepreneurs helping other entrepreneurs, and crypto believers helping other crypto believers. In addition to these, it provides funds, resources, launchpad, listing, advice, and ideas & concepts. It offers initial funding for your project under crypto technology. The company also providing a wide range of advisory products subsuming product market fit, technical architecture review, ICO advisory, token economics, and listing advisory.

Register and Start Trading on Binance

ALL You need to Know About Binance


The main advantages of Binance are strong team, industry resources, proven products, and superior technology.

Strong Team

Binance Strong Team has proficient experience in both wall-street and crypto finance. It also have a track record of successful startups under belt.

Proven Products

The Binance platform has deployed on 30 plus exchanges already. It supports multiple languages and all devices that providing a seamless user experience. It has an ability to process 1,40,000 orders per second which making it as one of the fastest exchange market today.

Additionally, it has solid relationships with industry leaders in which you can simply look at the list of investors and advisors who’re willing to stand behind the platform.

Account-Freeze Account

Binance was not able to freeze or close your account and you can find the link disable your account in your request form or successful login from new IP. You can click it to freeze your account automatically.

Successful Login From New IP

The system has detected that your account is logged in from an unused IP address. If the activity is not your own operation, you can able to disable your account and contact the company instantly if you want.

2FA-Binding Failure

Sometimes, you might face the issue of 2FA-Binding failure. To overcome this issue, make sure the Google Authenticator app which can be installed on your phone. You should also ensure that the time on your mobile phone and the computer are synchronized. You can enter into the Binance website and provide right login password and 2FA code. By the way, the organization can also accept SMS authentication now if you don’t have a smartphone or want to use it in conjunction.

You can also trade with BNB coin which is binance official coin with no fees

Fee Structure on Binance

At Binance organization, you can find fee for deposit is free and 0.1% trading fee. If you’ve BNB, you can select BNB to deduct 50% of trading fee.

Deductible Fees does BNB Charge

The cost of BNB amount is totally depend on market price. If the trade receivable is NEO, it will calculate by the exchange ratio of NEO to BNB at the market price. This process is totally based on the market price of NEO or BTC and BNB or BTC. Specifically, the exchange ratio of NEO or BNB is equal to the NEO or BTC. The Binance upgrade cycle for the market price is 1 second. You can turn on or off the function in user center by using BNB for deductible fees. You can also get an alert on the trading page when you’re turning on the function of deductible fees.

When you turn on BNB for deductible fees, you can find the fees which will have a discount. If you’re turned off the deductible fees, it will charge 100% BNB deductible fees.

Binance Exchange

This tool works for all devices such as Support web, Binance Android App, Binance iOS App, Wechat, PC, and Html5. There is multiple coin support feature that subsumed ETH, BTC, LTC, and BNB. Join Binance to start trading

Why Should I Open a Binance Account?

As it is growing at very fast rate, it will become the largest Binance cryptoexchange market across the globe for trading altcoins. When compared to other major exchanges like Bittrex and Poloniex, the newly launched coins and tokens are listed on Binance.

How to Open a Binance Trading Account

In order to open a Binance trading account, you need to follow below mentioned steps such as open a Binance official website, complete the signup process, enable 2-factor authentication, and deposit funds.

  • Go to Binance Website
    You can go to Binance official website that allows you to still follow the guide. Before that, you should examine the web page URL and check for the Secure Certificate that will authenticate the original website.
  • Finish the Sign-Up Process
    Once you entered into official website, you can click on register button which is available in the right corner of the web page and provide all required information. You need to follow the guidelines and make a strong password. In the final step, you can retype the password and click register button. You can check out for your email inbox wherein you will get confirmation of the new account.
  • Enable 2-Factor Authentication
    When you logging into your account, a pop-up notification will show up and ask you to enable 2-factor authentication that will help you in enhancing your account security. If you’re new to 2FA, you need to download the Google Authenticator app and scan the QR to get a 1-minute change code. After completion of three steps, you’ve done with the setting up of your account on
  • Deposit Funds
    Under funds menu item, you can go to Deposit Withdrawals section. At the top right corner of the main menu, you will find a tab which is named as Funds. In Funds section, you can choose deposit withdrawals button and open up the deposit page. Now, you can choose the coin that you wish to deposit. On this particular web page, you can able to find the list of all traded coins. You can search for a coin that you want to deposit and press the corresponding button named as deposit. Once if you click on deposit button, it will show you a new dedicated wallet which is belonged to your account on Binance. You should make sure that the wallet address for each coin is distinct and make sure that deposit only the specific coin to the wallet. Otherwise, it will result in total loss of funds. You can also send your coins from your own wallet to the new generated address based on Binance account.For instance, if you want to deposit Bitcoin type on your current Binance account. You can simply go to the field which is named as BTC deposit address and it will generated unique address that helps you to send Bitcoins through your account. Using this address, you will be used for transferring Bitcoin from your wallet or from any other exchange to your Binance account. You can view your history based on your Binance account. You can able to view the history of deposits under Funds and then history on the list.
  • Extracting a Buy or Sell Transaction
    In the exchange menu item, you can choose basic exchange option. You can select desired pair from the right pane and use the search field to get faster navigation for your transaction. For example, if you want to trade the Bitcoin for Ethereum, you can choose ETH or BTC market and you will get the following points included the left pane shows you the orderbook whereas in the middle it will show you the last price.


Binance Security anti-virus & Trojan guideline involved that it’s recommended that you should check the availability of computer immediately. For that, you can consider below three step procedure such as:

  • You can open your web browser without any plug-in extensions under security model to log into your Binance website. After that, you can check out for the validity of coins addresses.
  • You must open your Chrome with new incognito window or open with new private window under Firefox.
  • Once you’ve opened the web browser, you can put a valid withdrawing address in Notepad and then paste it into withdrawal address. After that, you can check the consistency between web browser and notepad.
  • Otherwise, you can also download and install the App on your mobile device and check out the consistency between App and browser.

If you’ve found that there is inconsistency between your addresses, it is obvious that your computer is infected by viruses already. In that case, you can do whether

  • Install anti-virus software on your computer to scan or kill Tojans or viruses.
  • Disable plug-in or extensions for your web browser or uninstall unknown softwares on your computer.
  • If you’re in extreme risk situation, you can format disk and install OS again for your computer.
  • It is very useful to seek help from information security expert.

Security Tips

In order to restrict the virus impacted to the computer, you should consider four security tips such as:

  • You should maintain confidential of your password that means don’t share your password to anyone.
  • Do not call any phone number for someone claiming to be Binance Support.
  • Do not send any money to the member of Binance who claiming for a money.
  • You must enable Google two factor authentication to provide the security for your Binance account.

Handling of Stolen Funds Transferred to Binance Account

On, you must go through KYC verification. You must submit a support request on by providing the details such as detailed description of how the hack happened, a signed NDA or a statement that agreed to obey non-disclosure standards from Binance, or detailed blockchain links of all transactions involved. If Binance thinks that there is a necessity of reasonable evidence that the funds are stolen, it might lock the funds temporarily. Within 24 hours of filing the support request, you should provide a police report from which the organization will work directly with law enforcement in order to handle the funds processing.

Securing Your Trading Account

To enable the security for your Binance account, you can consider or follow some important aspects such as provide unique email address and passwords, enable 2FA authentication, ensure that domain name is, install good anti-virus software, secure your Gmail account and phone, secure your computer, and secure your Binance account.

Account Access

How to Handle KYC Pics Error

At initial step, you can right click on a photo and choose open with and paint option. You can drag a little at right corner of the image and save the photo as .jpg file and upload it into Binance.

How to White-List Binance Emails

You can sign into Outlook account and make sure that Beta is turned off. Later on, you can go to settings web page and click on options. You can go to safe mailing lists and finally, add these mails 1 by 1 to make sure that you can save.

If you’ve having Gmail already, you can simply log into your Gmail account and go to settings button which is available on right corner of the web page. You can go to filters and blocked addresses. After that, click on create a new filter and finally, add the email in the From box and create a filter with this search. Eventually, you can check the box that shows never send it to spam and then create the filter.

Whether you may using Yahoo account and want to white-list the Binance emails from your account. In that case, open your Yahoo account at initial step. Click on the cog to open up the settings menu and click on more settings. After that, you can go to filters and add new filter. You can enter a name for your filter. In the from menu drop down list, you can choose contain and add all of the Binance emails 1 by 1. Then, you can choose the folder to move it to as inbox and save the details in the final step.

How to Freeze Your Binance Account

Binance was not able to freeze or close your account on Recently, it has updated the feature of finding a link that displays disable your account in your Binance account. You can confirm your request from your email or successful login from your new IP or email. You can click to freeze your account automatically.

How to Change Your Email Account

If you want to change the email account which is tied up with your Binance account, you can simply upload the following information into a new supported ticket that included your current e-mail address which is tied with your Binance account and new e-mail address that you wish to use. For that, you need to submit three pieces of documentation to proceed further such as photo of the front-side of your Govt issued photo ID or passport cover, a selfie photo with the front-side of your Govt issued photo ID or passport personal page open with a handwritten note that involves your new proposed e-mail address, the current date and time with written Binance account. However, you should ensure that your email request change has been successful. Once you’d done this, you will get suspended withdrawals from your account for 120 hours as a safety measure for the sake of protection of your Binance account.

How to Unlock Your Account

To unlock your Binance account, the organization would need to verify your identity initially to curb the accessing from unknown users. You need to submit three pictures with the following submissions such as Passport cover or front page of the passport, passport photo page or back of your photo ID, and take a picture of yourself that holding your passport page. After adding these three pictures to your attached ticket already, you should provide the reply. You will not be able to make any withdrawals for 48 hours after successful process of unlocking the account.

Register and Deposit on Binance

To have a successful registration at Binance, you should click on register button that is available on top right corner. You can provide input details such as email address, password, and captcha and then click on register button. It will send you verification email to your registered email address. You must ensure that check your spam folder for your email if you don’t receive confirmation email. You can click on verification link in the email to accomplish the registration process.


On web page of Binance, you can log into user center and click on deposits and withdrawals under Funds menu. You can choose your deposit token type and click on deposit button. On, you can deposit different types of tokens like BNB, ETH, BTC, NEO, and LTC. If you click on one of the deposit token type, it will show you to enter deposit address that you wish to deposit the funds. You can also transfer your funds to the particular address from your wallet and other exchange platforms very easily. In the final step, it will confirm your details and make your deposit successfully. You can also view funds history on web page whenever you want from your Binance account.

Deposit-To Hot Wallet Address

For instance, if you incorrectly deposited the funds to Binance’s hot wallet withdrawal address, you can do re-submit the details including Binance account number, amount transferred, coin type, transaction ID, any other additional remarks, and also proof of your transaction that you’d made with other account. After completion reconciliation of balances and transactions, it will credit the amount to your account but it will take some time.

Listing a Coin

The organization has currently a dedicated team that helps to reviewing applications for new tokens to list the coins on Binance. If you would like to list your token, you can simply submit the application on online by following the provided guidelines. The company will make announcements on listing coins for your trading account. To list your token, you should check out the announcements and must keep in mind that the announcements should be in confidential. If a team shares this information to any other people, it will strictly disqualify the token that being listed on Binance.

Binance Referral Program Guide

At initial point, you can go to Binance website and click the Binance referral program. You can enter into event page and click on register or login button for your account. You can share the referral program with your friends based on referral ID or referral link or QR code. With this referral program, you can able to get a 50% of commission on his or her trading fee in real-time on your account during first month of the promotion. On this web page, you can check out for other details subsumed referral friends list, latest commission history, and estimated commission value.

Refund Methods for ELC, BTM, WTC, LLT, YOYO, and HCC

In accordance with the rules and regulations, ICO Coins in China are mandatory to provide refund plans to their account holders. As Binance has a wide range of users, you can find the refund plans to its users in order to make their refund plans. It translates the information to users in order to make easier for everyone who wishes to refund their coins.

Refund Plan for LLT ICO

  • The investors who bought LLT on ICO and EBTBANK and have not withdraw the funds from the platforms. They will get refund for LLT at the original coin and exchange rate.
  • ICO investors who participated through Binance or and have not withdrawn their funds. It will get refund at the original coin and exchange rate. Or else, the refund will follow the secondary trading market plan.

Refund Plan for the Secondary Market

To provide the security for investors, LLT holders will follow the rules such as:

  • Refund exchange rate 4150 LLT = 1 ETH.
  • The official website will start the refund process.
  • Prepare ETH address in order to receive refund process payment.

In two weeks, vote chain will go online in the international market. Secondary market refund process as follows:

  • All ELC holders request for refund before 6 pm
  • Refund exchange 131000 ELC = 1 ETH.

Procedures for ELC Refund

  • You can download ELC wallet address.
  • You can get ELC wallet address.
  • You can withdraw your ELC from the exchange to local wallet address.
  • After that, send an ELC to the ELC official refund address.
  • You can receive transaction ID.
  • Send an email to support email ID along with your specific details such as your name, phone number, email, ELC account, TXID, and receiving email address.
  • Based on your details, it will confirm your request and shortly send out ETH after three days. During this refund process, you must check out your mobile device and email ID.

Bytom Refund Plan

For the investors who want to get refund plan with ICO via official websites which included ICO365,, and 91ICO, you can go the platform and get your refund. Once you’ve received BTM funds, it will be returned to you at the original ratio of BTC, ETC, or ETH. Before that, you can check out the trading funds announcement on each platform.

YOYO Refund Plan

YOYO ICO investors who bought tokens from ICOAGE and, they can total refund at the original coin price. Within the secondary market, the exchange market will repurchase the tokens in the trading market at issued prices. As it is upgraded the network, participants can check out the official website. For users who have not yet traded, you can get refund WTC according to the original proportion ICO.

How to Install Binance iOS App

You can navigate to the link provided for downloading Binance iOS App using Safari browser and install on your phone. You can open the app and go to settings button and choose the trust in button that says you to enter the verification code. After completion of this step, your app is ready to use now.

How to Use AI Coin App Trading on Binance

You can download the AI coin app on Binance and login with your account. After that, go to API settings and click on create a new key. Once you’ve created the API Key successfully, you can able to get the API key and secret key. You can scan the QR code and get access to the trading on Binance. In order to make sure that operate it successfully, you can open AI coin and click start now button that enables you to unrestricted to the IP access. Once you’d complete the API authorization, you could get access to or trade on AI Coin app and view your assets in your account.

How Binance Distributes GAS to NEO Holders

The NEO holders on Binance will get GAS that can be produced by NEO on a monthly basis. You can get different rules as follows:

Statistical Method

According to statistical method, GAS number is equivalent to the total distribution number of GAS and NEO holder ratio. You can calculate NEO position holder ratio by adding the daily number position of NEO holders.

BTC Crowd Sale Session

If you want to go the BTC crowd sale session, you can go to official website of Binance and click on buy now button. Here, you should ensure that you’ve deposited enough BTC coins for your order. Accordingly, you can enter the amount that you want to buy in BNC. Finally, you can click on confirm button that allows you to check your order history through my orders link on Eventually, you can also get assistance from customer service team if you’ve any issues relevant to the Binance trading market.

Trading Coins

Binance supports various types of coins such as Binance Coin, Wings, NAV coin, AppCoins, Eidoo, NAV coin, ELF coin, Triggers, Lunyr, Nebilo, Bread, CyberMiles, DigiXDAO, Etherparty, Decentraland, Bitcoin Diamond, Populous, and more.

Binance Coin

The organization will issue token coin which is named as Binance Coin and it has a strict limit of 200MM BNB will be created and never to be increased. It will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC 20. Through Binance official website, P. S Binance ICO coin. You can also consider BNB to pay for any fees which is not restricted to fees, listing fees, withdraw fees, and any other fee. While using BNB for paying charges, you may receive a significant discount with multiple options. Discount rates are 50%, 25%, 12.5%, 6.75%, and no discount for 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year, and 5th year respectively.

Repurchasing Plan

It will use 20% of the profits to purchase back BNB and destroy them unless you purchase 50% of all the BNB back. Related to the information of all buy back transactions will be announced on the blockchain. Eventually, it will destroy 100MM BNB and leaving 100MM BNB remaining.

Pro Tip : Make Someone register and get rewarded binance referral program


By using blockchain technology and smart contracts, AppCoins is an open and distributed protocol for App stores. The tokens will serve more than 200 million users on Aptoide which is one of the largest Android stores with more than 4 billion downloads, 200 million users and direct engagement with over 12,000 developers. Additionally, it has a network of over 70 corporate partners subsuming OEMs and telecom companies such as Meizu, Oppo, and Vivo.


Triggers is a machine to machine token which empowers the block safe network economy. It powers every event that takes place between smart phone devices. It is a decentralized infrastructure for sensor-based defense technologies. It has built out a network to host innovative solutions into the evolving defense ecosystem by implementing their own blockchain protocol. Blocksafe network on smart phone devices automatically improve the performance, flexibility, speed, anonymity, and safety features.

NAV Coin

NAV Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency which is built on the latest version of Bit Coin by added features and flexibility. It was created flexibility to make online payments easy to do, all while making sure to protect your privacy, and at low cost. It supports SegWit functionality which has easy-to-use wallets that are packed with advanced privacy features.


It is a human interface that simplifies the interaction between users and blockchain. With a safer and simpler method, it not only to accomplish the things that others do not but also do it in a different way.


It is building a network to bring disparate blockchains together into an interoperable system in which users can able to make transactions and state changes that can be witnessed and transmitted across block chains. It is also a high performance infrastructure for implementing and launching powerful interchain operations.

Worth Noting Binance Supports : BTC MarketBNB Market |  USDT Market | ETH Martket 

Deposit BNB to Binance

It uses the imToken wallet as an example and any mainstream wallet should work in BNB. To deposit funds of BNB to Binance account, you’re required to follow some steps including log into and go to funds. Accordingly, you can enter into deposits or withdraws to proceed with the deposit function. However, you need to copy your BNB deposit address. After that, you can open your Ethereum wallet and choose BNB asset. Once you’ve done all this, click transfer button to deposit BNB to Binance.

Account-Change Account Email

If you want to change the email address that tied up with your Binance account, you need to upload the following information into a new support ticket. Your current Binance account e-mail address and the new E-mail address you wish to use. You’re required to use three pieces of ID documentation such as photo of the front side of your Govt issued photo or passport cover, photo of the back side of your Govt issued photo or passport personal page, and a selfie photo with the front side of your Govt issued photo or passport personal page. You should make a note that your e-mail change request be successful. It will suspend your account for 120 hours to provide privacy of your account.

Withdraw-Wrong Address

Binance will initiate the automatic withdrawal process when you click on the withdrawal confirmation account for your e-mail account. There is no way to stop the process of withdrawal once it has been initiated. It is also unable to locate where your funds have been sent. If you’ve sent your coins to the wrong address by mistake, you can use or try and locate or contact the recipient of your funds. For example, if you’ve withdrawn your exchanges with an empty tag or incorrect or recipient description, you can contact the receiving exchange with your TxID in order to organize the return of your funds.

Disabling of SMS Authentication

If your phone is normally functioning, you can log into your Binance account and enter the user center. Once you click on the account, you can click on disable button which is next to SMS Auth in two-factor authentication and follow the prompts successfully in order to disable SMS authentication. After disabling of SMS authentication, the company is automatically suspend withdrawals from your account. If your phone is functioning abnormally, it will assist you to consider three documents to accomplish your request. You can use three different documents such as passport cover or front side of your valid ID proof, passport personal photo page or back side of your valid ID proof, and give a clear photo of you that holding your passport or valid photo ID. Once the request has been finished for the security process, you will not be able to withdrawal for 48 hours.

SMS- Not Receive Code

If you can’t enable SMS Auth, you can refer to the global coverage. For suppose, if your area is not covered on the list, you can enable Google Auth and follow below guidelines. If you’ve restricted to the SMS Auth or you’re in the Global Geo, you can consider below steps such as ensure that your mobile has good signal and otherwise, you can re-position it, close anti-virus or anti-firewall apps on your phone, and restart your mobile phone.

If you still can’t receive SMS code to your mobile, you can reply to the support ticket with your cellphone number, iOS version, machine type, and your location. It will send you response as soon as possible. Some countries are not supported the Binance system and use the Google’s Authentication Verification to your Binance’s account for security.

Order Not Filled

Your order will not be used unless its price reaches market price. You can check out the price of the open order and verify whether it has matched price and volume. If your order has not processed or you want to expedite it, you can cancel an open order and submit a new order by an added a more competitive price.

Account-Unlock Account

For suppose, if you want to unlock your account, the company wants to verify the identity using three different pictures with the particular specifications. To proceed further to unlock your account, you can use either a passport cover or a valid government issued photo ID. There are different pictures attached in the ticket such as passport cover page or the front of your photo ID, take a picture of yourself, and passport photo page or back of your photo ID.

Email – Can not Receive Mail

You should ensure to double check your spam folder to check out the mail. If you’re unable to locate the E-mails, you can add the following E-mail addresses to your inbox.

Deposit-Fiat Currency Deposit

Binance does not support any fiat currency trades or transactions. Accordingly, cryptocurrency might be deposited and traded on the exchange.

How to Withdraw Coins

To withdraw coins, you will need to generate an address by using the wallet you intend to receive coins. Below information may help you to withdraw coins.

  • At account center, go to the top menu area and select transfer funds, deposits withdrawals, and open deposit & withdrawals page.
  • Choose the target coins which you want to withdraw and click the button of withdrawal. The display will show you the results accordingly.
  • After that, go to dropdown list withdrawal address or use new address. You can specify the target address that you want to withdraw.
  • You can also define a name for the target address.
  • The target address for the coin that you’re withdrawing. You should make a note that you can’t withdraw coins to another coin address.
  • After you enter address and amount, you can click submit button and 2FA authentication popsup.
  • If you enabled Google Auth, please provide input 6 digital number and click submit button. If enabled SMS Auth, you can click on send option for SMS and input the verification number which is received in your mobile phone.
  • After that, open your email account and click confirm withdraw link in order to confirm your withdrawing action.
  • On top menu, you can choose funds category and history. You can also query the status of your withdrawing at withdrawal history section.

When Can I Cancel Your Account

If the status of withdrawing is email sent and won’t click on confirm withdraw link in the withdrawing confirmation email. Once you’ve chosen withdrawing, you can automatically cancelled within 45 minutes. When the status of withdrawing is in progress, you can’t cancel it. To track withdrawing progress, you can select menu and go to withdrawals history. Accordingly, you can check out for status of the application. If Txid generated, you can click on check at the end of Txid. You can open coin’s backchain explorer in order to show the status of the transaction that corresponding to the blockchain. There is no way that you may not to do rollback transaction for blockchain. You might face the risk of losing coins now when yo do rollback transaction.

Binance Labs

It leverages Binance’s collections, influence, and network in the crypto space. In addition to these, it will also help the users to expand their reach to industry. On, you might get receive priority consideration and it becomes one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the world. It is specifically interested in different types of projects such as algo trading, blockchain-based chat, decentralized exchange, decentralized VPN, and market data and news apps.

Binance LaunchPad

It has been involved different types of projects such as Bread-BNB session, Bread-ETH session, GIFTO-BNB session, and GIFTO-ETH session.

Bread-BNB Session

Bread is a simple and secure Bitcoin wallet which has subsumed $32M crowdsale cap and token price. The BRD presale is totally sold out at $12M. $5M is specifically reserved for Binance buyers and remaining $15M is designed for public crowd sale. Token price 1 EHD is nothing but 900 BRD. Using ETH, you can easily purchase BRD coins and they are ERC20 compliant. However, unsold tokens will not be created and smart contract is in place to ensure the ratio of 2/3 for sale plus 1/3 Bread retained proportion. It is open source and decentralized banking. You can also hold your own funds and connect to the blockchain. It has customers who are from more than 120 countries. It is $4B USB protected worldwide.

As Bread is fastly expanding into all aspects of global finance, it is launching first-ever wallet-based rewards program. The tokens will unlock the long list of perks for users of the Bread platform. Token holders might get exclusive access to premium features, sequential tiers of complimentary, discounts on purchases, and full white glove services especially for most elite customers. The tokens will be earned through different types of promotions including opt-in surveys, give aways, or even automatic airdrops for users who’re frequently using Bread-BNB session. In general, the tokens are exist on the Ethereum network which is a standard ERC-20 token that means you can easily access to the perks that can be freely bought, sold, or independent of the Bread platform. It has been subsumed main features such as get, pay, save, send, bank, and trade.

As it is decentralized banking, you can do direct deposit and receive payments. You can also purchase tokens right on the mobile app. You can lock away your crypto tokens and there is no fees and limits. You can access your debit card for paying food, rides, music, and other different bills. Through this app, you can easily transfer or send money to others accounts’ without facing any issues. There is an opportunity of peer-to-peer lending and portfolio management. You can purchase and sell digital assets in addition to the tracking of orders and earning coins.

GIFTO-Decentralized Universal Gifting Protocol

It is a highest revenue streaming app to launch the token which is $100M USD in 2017. Through this protocol, many transactions are occurred on every day including 25M virtual gifts per month. You can also make use of the services of strong team and service advisors when you’re facing any issues with the universal gifting protocol.

GIFTO is a digital token which creates a decentralized ecosystem wherein you can enable a GIFTO wallet instantly. Along with this, you can find massive transactions for uplive’s 20 million users and overtime enhanced by the vertical GIFTO protocol. This protocol is very helpful to pierce any content platform worldwide in order to serve billions of users every day. It would be a utility token and facilitates to purchase virtual gift cards.


Specifically, GIFTO is launched by the mobile team and it would be immediately used by 20 million users. Users might get possibility to purchase and use virtual gift cards which are customizable and used across other platforms. In order virtual gift cards to be created, tracked, curated, sent, bought, and exchanged through any platform like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or UpLive, it incorporated the self-governing and self-sustaining ecosystem for virtual gift cards. It has included customized gifts, cross platform, and building the gifting eco-system. Each created gift including unique nature and character. It is also added the element of fun into the whole gifting process. It allows the users to create new markets with the collaboration and creation to the masses. Through social media platform, you can send and receive GIFTO tokens very easily. It has been interlinking operations between fan, platform, content creator, virtual gifts, and withdraw or trade GIFTOs.