Binance BNB Market

Binance has opened BNB market with VEN or BNB which is being the first trading pair for trading. You can initiate the trading with deposit and trading VEN. Binance BNB Market is related to the cryptocurrency investment which included high market risk. So, you should make investments carefully. It will help you to make best efforts to choose high quality coins but it will not responsible for your investment losses.

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About VeChain (VEN)

Specifically, VeChain is a global leading blockchain platform for products and information. It has proficient experience in providing blockchain solutions to different types of industries such as liquor, logistics, retail, auto, supply chain, luxury goods, and more. It focuses on building a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem which is based on the Blockchain technology self-circulated and expanding.

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Who are the Participants in VeChain Ecosystem

It has various participants in Binance VeChain ecosystem and they are enterprise organization, VeChain Foundation, application service provider, VeChain network node provider, VeChain foundation, smart contract service provider, and end-user. Enterprise organization is specifically providing products and services to end-users. Whereas application service provider offering service and solutions which are developed based on VeChain for all users. In order to protect the overall network security, VeChain network node provider maintaining and ensuring a certain number of nodes. VeChain Foundation is responsible for establishing the Blockchain network, upgrade and maintenance, technology research and development, and other related basic technical services. Investors and end-users of the Ve-Chain sharing the potential profits for the ecosystem.


The VEN products are included liquor, fashion&luxury, agriculture, supply chain, and auto. It offers services for well-known European luxury brand items based on LoT encrypted chips which are integrated with the Blockchain technology solutions. So that, customers can easily detect the authenticity of the products and statement of the product’s digital ownership.

Liquor cases platform is useful for customers to check and review the authenticity and logistical information about liquor products with the VeChain app. It is making partnership with strategic partner Visco and Microsoft which are implemented a POC project to provide digital car maintenance. It provides BaaS service for global freight forwarder in order to provide supply chain service for different types of industries. To implement the Blockchain solutions to verify the green organic food products, it maintains good relationship with PwC, Liaoning Academy of Agricultural sciences, and China Unicom.

Fee Structure on Binance BNB Market

Under BNB Market, there is no fee for deposit and 0.1% trading fee for trading. If you’ve BNB, you can select BNB to deduct 50% trading fee.

Binance Extends Zero Free Period for BNB Market

The company will be extending the end date of zero trading free period for BNB market. Binance will disable the new user registrations temporarily in order to allow for an infrastructure upgrade. It has released an updated version of Binance iOS App and previous versions will no longer available to function. To get great functioning of BNB market, you need to install it perfectly without any issues.

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