Binance iOS App

On behalf of Binance prominent feature as rapidly growing cryptocurrency trading exchange in the world, it developed the mobile app which can be operated on both iOS and Android operating systems. Binance iOS App supports multiple cryptocurrencies such as WTC, GAS, ETH, IOTA, NEO, BTC, and many others. You should make a note that the organization keep adding new cryptocurrencies everyday.

Official Guide on Installing Binance iOS Application

For example, if you’re a huge trader, you can get the benefit of a native token of Binance that is named as BNB coin and it is available on both online website and mobile app. It gives an advantage of lower already-low trading fees. Based on these BNB coins, you can save 50% on your trading fees when you’re trading and pay the fees through BNB tokens. If you’d initiated to make trading on Binance, it’s better to purchase BNB coins initially because it lowers down the cost of your future trading. One more thing you need to make a note that liquidating your assets is easy and rapid at Binance owing to the enormous Binance trade volume. If you want to use the mobile app either on iOS or Android, you can easily use it with the Binance account. If you don’t have account, you need to create it through registration. Once you’d completed the registration, you can download Binance iOS App on your mobile device and start trading cryptocurrencies right from your smartphone. There is no fee to pay for creating an account on

How to Install Binance iOS App

  • At initial step, you need to navigate to the download link on your updated Safari or Google Chrome browser once you’d searched for Binance iOS App. After that, click on install button and make sure that this app is trusted on your phone.
  • For that, you can open settings menu on the mobile device and go to device management under general category. In device management, choose trust to proceed further.
  • Once you’ve selected trust button, you will be allowed to use the app on your mobile device.
  • You can use the updated version of iOS App on Binance because the old versions are no longer to be used.

In addition to the iOS and Android mobile app, you can find AICoin App to start trading. For that, you need to download this app on your mobile device whether you’re using Android or iOS mobile devices. If you’ve already created Binance account, you can log into the account by providing valid details. After that, you can click on account centre and API settings. You can click on create new key and 2FA Google Auth. Once you’ve created API successfully, you can get the API key and Secret. Accordingly, you can scan the QR code and get access to the mobile app. If you’ve done all these things, you can open AICoin and click start now button to initiate the trading process. In order to ensure operate the function successfully, you can click on unrestricted in the IP address restriction. Based on the API authorization, you can trade on AICoin app and view your assets in your account.

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