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As Binance is rapidly growing exchange trading platform, you can find some of the most important rising coins. You can follow below steps to join in Binance exchange trading platform.

Register at Binance

On, you need to complete the registration process in order to become a member. In the registration process, you’re required to provide basic entails including your valid email id, name, and other related information. It will send you confirmation email. Once you’ve confirmed the process of email verification, you’ve signed up and ready for the next step in the sense that you can withdraw or deposit some amount from your created BNB account. In this way, you can complete the process of registering at Binance exchange trading organization.

New Registration

Recently, Binance has announced that it disabled their new registration owing to overcome the server overload issue. It has started the new user registration through Launch Pad Binance portal with Binance referral or invite code system. Accordingly, new users can register and join Binance using particular link and initiate trading cryptocurrencies. The shared link is available or applicable for only few days. Under this new registration, you just use your email and new password to register on the site. Once the Binance Registration is completed, you can verify your email and start trading through online website or mobile application. If you need any help in the new registration, you can contact the support team whenever you want. Users who want to trade on Binance with the help of referral code and they can easily join on Binance to get started trading. They also updated that the commission will be changed from 50% to 20% for referrals.

It also confirmed that the registration process will be opened for a limited period of time and during certain period of time every day. Most of the people showing interest to purchase TRON coin which is already register at Binance.

How to Participate in the Referral Program

On behalf of the new user registration, you can share or refer the link to your friends so that you can receive 50% of his or her trading exchange amount after completion of trading process. Recently, it has modified the commission through referral program. Initially, it would be set out at 20% of commission and it may adjust for a certain period of time according to the current exchange market. Once your referee accomplished the trading process, you can get fee commission instantly to your Binance account. It would paid you either in token or cryptocurrency which is based on the original fee was paid in. You can send referral website links to any number of your friends but you should accept the terms of referral program. You need to make a note that the organization reserves the right to alter any changes to the program at any time. However, the referee should be signed up through QR code or referral link or referral ID. It has reserved the right to change the terms of the program at any time in accordance with the market conditions.

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