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With the help of Binance Support, you can learn how to purchase or sell, and trade cryptocurrencies on Binance. Whether you’re a professional huge trader or want to initiate the career as a trader with cryptocurrencies, you can consider Binance as a best platform because it offers a wide variety of tools for engaging digital asset markets. Through the Binance exchange, you can easily purchase and sell cryptocurrencies very easily. The additional features make it capable of handling risky trading operations. The essential feature is that it has an ability to operate under any platform like web, Android, iOS, WeChat, HTML5, and PC client.

Check out Binance online Support

Binance Support gives you instructions how to create Binance account if you’re a new user. Creating of Binance account and downloading of the mobile app is completely free. You can also do deposits in any supported currency and it can be done without paying any charges. When you’re withdrawing funds from your account, you might incur a fee which relies totally on the currency. When you’re trading on Binance, you may charged 0.1% fee on each trade. Specifically, it has own issued token which is named as BNB. With this token, you can pay any kind of fees when you’re participating in exchange. BNB token reduces the amount of transaction fees and the reduction amount will be depended on the year.

How do Make a Trade on Binance

Based on the Binance Support guidelines, you can easily start trading at or mobile application. Without having own account, you can view the current markets on Binance but there is no chance to start trading. For that, you need to sign up and log into the account. To participate in the trading or creating an account, you need to follow below mentioned steps or important points.

  • You can simply choose register button when you’ve entered into the main website. Under registration process, you need to provide valid entails including email id, your name, and other related information.
  • Once you’ve completed the registration, you will be allowed to log into Binance account through your email id and password. In order to curb the phishing activities, you can check out the website URL and uses https protocol.
  • You can navigate to the funds tab and select deposits or withdrawals for making deposit of funds to your account. Accordingly, you will get to view a list of currencies which supported by Binance. You can find the currency that you wish to deposit and click the deposit button.
  • You may want to keep your funds on another exchange or a third-party wallet. You can send funds to particular deposit address by using QR code or alphanumeric code.
  • If you confirmed the transaction, it will take few minutes to process.
  • When the funds are available in your balance tab, you can start the trading process. To make a trading, you can go to exchange button and select either basic or advanced. Basic option is very easy to use for new traders.
  • If you want to deposit bitcoin to your account, you need to know what are the available options to purchase many different cryptocurrencies with bitcoin.

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